Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Makeup Challenge Day 6

Day 6. Six Favorite Makeup Brands

I know I've skipped a gazillion days but whatever. I haven't tried TONS of brands, and from the brands I haven't tried a ton of their products. So fair warning. Alot of these choices will be based on one product or two from the brand which I know isn't saying I know the whole brand but at this point I don't know any brand through and through.

Urban Decay - I really like their eyeshadows and their palettes are great. Solid eye primer too.

Nars - Best eye shadow primer I've tried. I really like their Orgasm Blush it looks good on everyone I've tried. I'm always lusting over their lipsticks... One day.

Maybelline - Their Falsies mascara is my favorite mascara, I LOVE their Color Tattoo Eye Shadows, and my favorite drugstore eyeshadow quad is from them. Affordable, accessible, good quality bla bla can't complain.

Makeup Forever - The Aqua Black Creme Eyeshadow is to die for and my holy grail eyeliner. Their HD Foundation is also the first liquid foundation that I've tried and loved enough to actually keep using. Good eyeshadows too, I've been eyeing their neon pink one for a while. 

Essence Cosmetics - So the only place I've seen Essence Cosmetics sold at is Ulta and Fred Meyer, and whenever I see them I have to pick one thing up. Everything is super cheap. I love the little 99 cent nail polishes and their lip products are great. Essence definitely has some of my favorite drug store lip glosses.

NYX - Only place I seem to be able to find NYX is Bartells or Ulta, but once again super affordable and quality products. I've tried their lipsticks, lip glosses, blushes, jumbo eye pencils, liquid eyeliners, and glitter liners, and have been happy with pretty much all of it. I will have to say I hate the taste of the lip glosses but thats my only complaint with those. 

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