Monday, May 28, 2012

May Empties

French Manicure

Hey guys - I've been pretty MIA with this blog lately. I've been pretty busy with school and just trying to go out and have fun whenever I have a second. I have a backlog of photos and posts I need to put up but with finals coming up I think a lot of them are going to have to wait. Once summer comes though hopefully I'll have a lot more time to post on here. For the time being I have a quick nail post. Sorry its with crappy cell phone pics but I figure its better than nothing.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

April Favorites

Alright so I know I'm half a month late, but I figured better late than never!


Hey guys! I know my posting on this blog has been pretty sporadic, or more like non existent lately. After midterms wrapped up I didn't want to do anything, and now we're moving into the last couple weeks of the quarter. The weather has finally started to get nice so I've been inspired by that to get off my butt, and of course shop.

Weekend Makeup Bag

Lately I've been going home to my parents house almost every weekend, so naturally that means every weekend I've gotta pack up some stuff to bring home with me, since I don't keep much at my parents house. Generally I end up bringing home a backpack and a small duffel bag, which I lug around with me to school, and then on the bus home. That being said, I generally try to streamline what I'm bringing home. This post is going to be what I generally bring home when I'm trying to keep the makeup minimal. Excuse the picture quality, the lighting in my parent's bathroom is terrible.

District 4 Nails

I set out to do this nail look trying to use two nail polishes that I've owned for a year but never touched, and was pleasantly surprised by the way it turned out. I was in the middle of Catching Fire while I had this manicure and couldn't help but thinking about District 4, and the ocean every time I looked at my nails.