Monday, May 28, 2012

May Empties

Vaseline - I use this mainly for taking off my eye makeup, but also for really chapped skin and lips. I repurchased this.

Certain Dri - You put this on at night and it shrinks your pores so you don't sweat as much the next day. I mainly wear this when I know I've got an event coming up, or something where I'll be pretty sweaty. I repurchased this.

Bath & Body Works Exotic Coconut Body Wash - I love the smell of this and the fact that your skin actually smells after you get out of the shower. This took me probably a year to go through? Maybe more I can't remember when I bought this. I'm not repurchasing this immediately because I don't want to buy it online and I have another coconut body wash I found for 3 bucks at the drugstore - and a gazillion other body washes in my shower anyways.

Burts Bees Almond Milk Hand Creme - I've had this for a few years and finally finished it. I really like the smell of it and its good for moisturizing your hands before you go to bed. I find it too greasy to apply in the middle of the day though. I'm not repurchasing this because I have a ton of other hand creams and lotions to go through.

Kirkland Makeup Wipes - Pretty basic, removes my makeup without stinging my skin. Not the best for eye makeup but thats kind of expected. I have a bunch of these in my closet to use up since I bought it in bulk.

Andrea Modlash 53 - I accidently ripped one of these in half trying to pull the glue off. I got a few wears out of them so I'm not upset. I won't be repurchasing these because I feel like they weren't dramatic enough and it was almost pointless to wear them.


  1. That's my favorite coconut body wash!! I got a back up bottle the last time they sold the old scents at bath and body works.

    1. ahhh I'm jealous I wish I had done that