Saturday, June 2, 2012

Explanation of my absence/Recap

Hey guys -
I know I briefly touched on the fact that I've been gone due to school and being busy. I thought I'd do a full post showing you guys what I've been up to and whatnot. Besides school I've been trying to have as much fun as possible and take some pictures while I was at it. 

Another reason for my lack of posts is that I've been pretty boring with my nails and makeup lately. This picture pretty much shows how I've been looking the last couple weeks. Most weekdays I've been sporting a ponytail, no face makeup (yay for my skin finally getting better), a bit of eyeliner and maybe some eyeshadow, and I've even had naked nails the last few days. I've also been wearing the same shirt and sweatshirt combo more than I should admit haha. 

This last month I've managed to go out, get dolled up, and have a lot of fun every weekend though. Pretty much none of this is beauty related from here out, but have some pictures and brief explanations about the last month of my life - 

Marissa's birthday dinner at Anthony's. Pretty much the most dysfunctional night of my entire life. Running late like always, beautiful night, finding hair in our calamari, eating a crap ton, getting the bus boy's number and then partying with the crew afterwards. 

Dayglow. Got all dressed up, did my makeup and Destiny's makeup, and we were guess what.. late. Haha but thats ok cause it was pretty lame for the first hour or so - the music was too quite and it was just a bunch of bros. But once the paint came out and the music turned up everyone was having a party. Besides getting paint squirted directly into my eye, and having some disgusting guy come up to me and think it was appropriate to slather his hands all over my chest, I had alot of fun. 

Folklife day 1. My roommate and I browsed just about every tent and some sales guy tried to con me into buying a 50 dollar ring. It really was gorgeous. But seriously I can't pay 50 bucks for that, not with Disneyland coming up at the end of the summer, and other things I need more. 

Warning: Heres where I'm going to get really rambly.

Folklife day 2. Hands down my favorite day of Memorial Day weekend. I went down with Marissa, her friend Jacob, and Destiny. Marissa and Jacob had to dip out early but Destiny and I stayed pretty late. I bought this snazzy shirt that I'm wearing in this picture. It has no back and it just ties around the neck and around the back but its super cute and comfy. 

I met so many beautiful, talented, and inspiring people that day. We ended up talking to a bunch of people who were playing music on the side, and kept coming back to hang out with everyone later in the day. They were for lack of a better word homeless, but (at least most of them) were by choice. It was refreshing to just chill with new people who seemed to genuinely just want to talk to you, tell you their stories, and hear yours.I met this guy named Jeremy and from the beginning he was incredibly charismatic, inviting, and was genuinely concerned with how we were doing. 

Listening to his endless stories really put some things into perspective. Hearing how stoked he was about something as simple as someone giving him a pair of shoes that were one size too small, riding the rails, playing music, and offering to take me under his wing made me realize how caught up I get in stupid frivolous things. 

One of his friends said something along the lines of how “zero is the default number. If we have something more than that then its a really good day” .  And here I am, being owned by the items I own, often times spending out of control or on useless things just cause I can or in desperate attempts of making myself feel better. These people that I met could fit all of their stuff in a pack, I can’t even fit all of my stuff in a fucking full sized van. 

Sitting in the grass, sharing drinks, strangers becoming friends, it was all such a throwback. I hope I see some of these people again in the future.

Since then I've been really thinking about how I consume. No, I'm not going to stop buying things or quit wearing makeup. But I definitely have been thinking about my purchases a bit more. I'm trying to make sure that I only buy things that I actually need OR know that I will use/is unique. I also am going to do a modified project 10 pan/purge or something. 

And then there was my 21st birthday. Which pretty much was terrible. But heres a picture with my favorite accessory - my "twin" Chris. Who happens to be my friend's boyfriend so don't get too excited. I'm having a redo when finals are over haha.

So yeah, that was my giant post about what I've been up to. I wish I had taken pictures of my makeup and things for all of the stuff I've been doing on the weekends but being the timely person I am, I'm always running out the door. 

Upcoming posts to expect:
  • May Favorites
  • Project 10 pan/purge ish
  • Current nails
If you read all of this you're a champ.

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  1. I'M A CHAMP!! You've been busy! You'll have to update me on why your birthday was terrible though :( but we neeed to re-celebrate it when I get home!! & celebrate my graduation from college & the end of your first year at the UW! Lots of things to celebrate