Saturday, June 9, 2012

French Manicure 2.0

I re-did my nails last night and used a little silver striper that I found at Fred Meyer for an extra little something for my French Manicure. Unfortunately my photos were taken a few days after I first did the manicure so its not super fresh but owell.

Sally Hansen Hard As Wraps - Sheer Pink (For my base coat)
Frankened polish. It has some of OPI's Sweetheart poured into clear polish for a fleshy sheer pink color.
Wet N Wild French White Creme
Essence Nail Art Freestyle Tip Painter - Silver Surfer 
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

I painted my nails in the order the polishes were listed. I still did the rolling technique with the white and with the silver. This manicure has worn really well and a week later my left hand is still perfect (my right hand has some chips).


  1. Love these nails! I just seen your comment on my blog and your nails and blog are amazing! You should seriously get back on that wagon :) even if its just for festive nails! Hope to see a new post up soon :) xxx

    1. Thanks <3 I think I'll jump back on once I'm done with finals sometime this week.