Sunday, May 13, 2012


Hey guys! I know my posting on this blog has been pretty sporadic, or more like non existent lately. After midterms wrapped up I didn't want to do anything, and now we're moving into the last couple weeks of the quarter. The weather has finally started to get nice so I've been inspired by that to get off my butt, and of course shop.
I got this new white motorcycle style jacket from Forever 21. It was only 18 bucks and being that its cotton/polyester blend it won't get sticky when its warm out. I've already worn it a bunch since I got it so I know I'll wear it a ton over the summer.

I bought way too much makeup over the weekend. I bought the Boots Botanics Colour Foundation after my friend had let me use hers and I fell in love. I don't even need to set it and it lasts. I returned my Makeup Forever HD foundation because I finally accepted that it wasn't suited for my oily skin because it made it even oilier. I bought the Boots foundation in the two lightest colors because the lightest color was slightly too light for me, and with summer coming I know I'm going to tan. The shade selection isn't too good, but with the great formula and only costing 11 dollars each I'm not bothered by having to buy two.

Revlon was 40% off at Rite Aid so I went a little crazy with that. I actually snagged the lip stains at Target, but everything else was from Rite Aid. I got some darker and vampier reds for winter/going out. I hate trying to guess lipsticks when they cost 8 bucks each, but I can deal with 4 bucks.

I painted my nails with China Glaze Lemon Fizz. Cute spring time color.

I finally bought new earrings for my first lobe piercings because I kept losing them or the backs. 12 bucks at TJMaxx and sterling silver. I probably should have gotten the set of 3 for 20 bucks but I was being a dummy. I also randomly decided I want more ear piercings but I don't know what. I'm thinking I might get 2 helix piercings or a third lobe. Not sure. 

The return of the Coconut Mocha Frappuccino make me super happy and I have been sucking way too many of those down lately.

The scent combo of the weekend has been The Body Shop's body butter in Passion Fruit, topped with Escada Marine Groove. 

And a picture of my dog Twinkie for good measure.

Lately I've been kind of obsessed with this pretty lady. Her name is Gielle Hellevig. She used to be married to Austin Carlile from Of Mice & Men, and these days shes been dating Mark Barela from At The Skylines (traded up if you ask me). Anyways, I think she is absolutely gorgeous, whether she is wearing lots of makeup or none. Lately I've been doing really basic makeup, and after creepin all of her pictures I really want to find a killer pair of lashes, and do more dramatic makeup.

My summer wardrobe is pretty much complete but I feel like I'm in need of some new jewelry. I'm thinking I need to snag some more bracelets, rings, and big earrings for the summer.

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