Friday, March 16, 2012

Feed Me

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So its tradition that my friend Marissa and I celebrate the end of each quarter by going out and doing something fun, and Feed Me just so happened to be playing at the Showbox the night of my last final. The venue probably wasn't the best for it (it was super packed and not nearly enough room to dance) but we had a blast anyways.

Whenever Marissa and I get together we always end up making a huge deal out of getting ready and take a ton of pictures- it ends its half the fun of going somewhere for us. This post is going to feature a couple snapshots of our makeup and then a breakdown of our outfits. I'll link two separate posts for details of my makeup and Marissa's makeup individually to keep this post from being to long. Enjoy!

Marissa's makeup
My makeup

My Outfit:
Black California Fleece Sleeveless Zip Hoody - American Apparel
Silver Bandeau Bra - American Apparel
Dark Wash Denim Shorts - Hollister
Betsey Johnson Over The Knee Socks - TJMaxx
Black Authentics - Vans

Marissa's Outfit:
Black Lace Trapeze Tank - Metro
Black tank top - No idea where its from (doesn't really matter anyways a black tanks a black tank)
Teal Shorts - Ross
Knee high green and turquoise zebra print socks - Target
Grey Converse

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