Friday, March 16, 2012

Makeup Challenge Day 3

Day 3. Three Makeup Products You Wish You Had

Mac Party Parrot
I know that I'll never have this lipstick since it was limited edition and it sold out the first day at the Mac store near me =[ but if I could have one makeup item magically handed to me this would be it. Its matte, neon pinky coral, and pretty much me. I would wear this so much during the summer if I had it. I'm dying for a loud pink lip color for summer, so I'll probably settle for Mac's Impassioned or the OCC Lip Tar in Queen, which both look pretty similar. 

Kryolan UV Day Glo Palette 

Not only is this palette SUPER bright but the colors also glow under black light. This palette would be really fun for raves and bright looks.

Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette 

I've been lusting over this palette since it came out, and having a matte orange, yellow, and red would fill in a big gap in my collection. Unfortunately it seems like every time I decide I have enough spare money to buy it its sold out. 

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