Thursday, March 15, 2012

Makeup Challenge Day 2

Day 2. Two Makeup Products You Would Not Recommend 

L'oreal Hip Loose Pigment Intrepid and Wet n Wild Mega Matte Lipstick Just Peachy (903c)

When looking at swatches and reviews of L'oreal Hip Intrepid I thought I would love this pigment, but when I bought into the hype I was really disappointed. Unfortunately I can't get this to apply the way I want it to.


First off the duochrome never showed up as much as I wanted it to. In addition to that the greenish duochrome either blends off leaving me with the weird reddish brown base, or ends up creasing terrible. Or both. I've tried different primers and bases and this pigment still creases. I wouldn't waste your money. 

The next product is Wet n Wild Mega Matte Just Peachy or 903c. I really wanted to like this lipstick because I need a light pinky peach color to wear with smokey eyes, but something about this lipstick did not mesh with my lips. 

I own other colors from the Mega Matte line and they're great, but this lipstick shows up blotchy and makes my lips look dry. A lip gloss can't even remedy this lipstick for me. I've even tried it on fairer skinned friends with lighter lips, and it still makes their lips look gross. 

From a distance the lipstick looks nice but up close I can't handle how it makes my lips look like they're in terrible condition. If this color had a smoother formula I would totally repurchase/but it.

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