Monday, March 19, 2012

Makeup Challenge Day 5

Day 5. Five Favorite Makeup Brushes

I obviously don't spend a lot of money on makeup brushes - all of my brushes come from the drugstore. I'm not anti Mac or other high end brushes at all, but I've always managed to make do with drugstore brushes and "if it ain't broke don't fix it" eh?

ecotools Bronzer Brush - I bought this brush based off of a review I saw on Temptalia. I don't even wear bronzer, instead I use this for buffing on my Bare Minerals or Loreal True Match Powder. This brush is really soft (I bought this so I didn't have to buy a Bare Minerals brush that feels like straw), and dense as well. I never experienced any shedding with it and the fat handle makes it easy to get a good grip on the brush. 

Sonia Kashuk Medium Crease Brush - This brush would have to be my most used eyeshadow brush. I have a couple crease brushes but this the only one that I leave out and use regularly. I avoided buying a crease brush for a long time, and literally the first time I used this I wonder why I waited for so long. This brush is dense enough to blend out color, but not so dense that it seems like a marker when it comes to applying eyeshadow. If you could only buy one eye brush this would be my recommendation - and its cheap!

Borghese Eyeliner Brush - I picked this brush up in one of the Costco Kirkland/Borghese sets. I use this brush every time I use my Makeup Forever Aqua Black, which is pretty much everyday. The brush is thin without being floppy. This brush isn't totally unique but its a staple for me.

E.L.F. Eyeshadow Brush - It gets the job done and its a dollar. I have a couple of these. Not much more to say.

Posh Crease Brush - I'm not really sure why they called this a crease brush because it seems more like a pencil brush but whatever. I use this to put a concentrated color in my crease or smoke out my lash line. I don't use this all the time but its very useful for when I'm trying to kick up a look.

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