Sunday, April 15, 2012

Recap of the last two weeks.

The last couple weeks I've just been chugging along, enjoying the weather. I've picked up a couple cool things along the way, went back to my parents house for Easter weekend, and I've still neglected to clean my room.

The necklace on the left actually flips open to show a working clock so I've been pretty in love with that. The chain is pretty long but I generally avoid long necklaces so I just wrap it around my neck twice.

The lotion and body spray are both from Victoria's Secret. The lotion is Give Me Love, and the spray is Crazy For Love. They're both vanilla/fruity/berry like scents and go together very nicely. I actually have the matching spray for Give Me Love, but for the sunny bright weather we've been having lately I like pairing Crazy For Love because its a little less heavy and more summery. I actually wore that combo for a week straight which is extremely rare for me. 

The bracelet is one I've had for a while. I used to wear it everyday and then I think it kind of got lost in the mess my dresser. I found it and have been wearing it pretty much everyday since.

The eyelash powder is by Essence. I've been trying it out and so far I like it. I might do a review later since I didn't see very many online.

The two tickets are from seeing The Titanic and AWOLNATION. Of course I loved seeing The Titanic in theaters cause I was pretty young when it came out so it was cool to be able to see it on the big screen. Jack Dawson ruined my expectation for men all over again, and I couldn't stop obsessing over how perfect Rose looked. I saw AWOLNATION with my friend Marissa (thats actually the parking ticket they took are tickets completely when we went in which was weird). I actually had a really good time and enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Lately I've been unimpressed by alot of shows I've gone to and I generally opt for seeing heavier bands live. But I was pleasantly surprised and it was the best show I've seen in a while. 

I had my friend Marissa pick this bag up for me at Target. Its the perfect summer bag, not too big but I can easily fit whatever I need in it. It was only 25 dollars so I don't mind wearing the crap of it over the summer and then never wearing it again (I tend to like bags for a short amount of time and then break them or find another one). I'm glad its a cross body because I hate having to hang onto purses. I think it will look super cute with a crop top and short shorts.

The chocolate bunny was from my parents for easter. I've accumulated a lot of chocolate lately with Easter. I have the worst sweet tooth.

I finished reading Catching Fire last night and I can't wait to start reading Mockingjay. I used to read every night before I went to sleep but the last year I fell out of that habit because I felt guilty about not doing homework. But I've found that if I want to read I actually work harder at getting my stuff done so I can get in bed early and have time to read before I fall asleep. 

Whats on my toes - Nina Ultra Pro Punki Pink and NYC Greenwhich Village.

Song of the week - Coffee Shop Soundtrack by All Time Low


  1. if your looking for a product that makes your hair smell AMAZING
    I have to recommend the coconut and marshmellow happy hair days shampoo (boots and sainsburys do it.. two for a fiver) Your hair will really smell good - combine that with your victoria secret sprays and you'll be fully pampered!
    great girly blog!
    keep it up

    1. Oh that sounds amazing!
      Thanks =]