Monday, April 2, 2012

Hair Cut

A couple weeks ago I got my hair cut and I finally got around to putting all of the photos together. I ended up getting rid of a good 4-5 inches of hair. I tend to get my hair cut about twice a year, anything in between I take care of myself or just let it grow.

My hair had gotten to the length of where the ends of it hit nipple (if that grosses you out grow up) and was getting caught between other people at shows - aka it was driving me insane. This was probably the longest my hair had been in years, and everyone kept telling me how pretty it was and all of that jazz but I just wasn't happy with it.

I felt like it took so much maintenance, it had lost all of its shape, and frankly when I looked at pictures of myself it seemed like it was all hair (see above).

I was looking to get my hair cut like this or similarly to how I used to keep my hair. I've preferred shorter and more layered hair for a while, but for some reasons over the last year I let it get long. When I went in to see my hair dresser and showed him what I wanted he countered and said we should cut more like collarbone. I've been seeing him since high school so I figured oh what the heck I trust him and I want short hair anyways.

I'm really happy with how my haircut turned out. I love how my hair doesn't weigh me down anymore and how much sleeker it looks when I do it. For the first couple days I couldn't stop shaking my head and looking in the mirror, as cheesey as it sounds I felt so freed after having my hair cut.

After my hairdresser had flat ironed my hair I asked him to cut an additional layer on the left side of my head that was longer and the front and shorter in the back (where the red line is since I couldn't get a decent picture of it). I always have my hair slightly asymmetrical and that layer gives it a little more shape.

When I got home I decided I wan't to cut a bit out of the right side of my hair as well. This isn't the best picture of it but I took the front chunk of my hair and cut up making the front the longest, and behind my ear the shortest. Nothing super drastic but just some more added texture. Unlike the left side where I had my hairdresser cut the upper layer shorter and all the way back, I cut the entire chunk but left the front the full length and the back section was only an inch or two shorter.

Andddd heres a photo of my hair in real life. I know I look a lot younger with short hair but whatever. I've also heard I look more Asian haha. Anyways, I'm super happy with it =]

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