Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I know I've been gone for nearly half a year, but thats about to change! I plan on reviving the blog for the New Year. Until then I'm working on building a white box so that I can take better photographs of my nails and other products. In a nutshell I stopped posting because I was sick of the terrible quality of photos that I was taking, largely due to lighting.

I thought I'd just drop buy and post a picture of my Christmas manicure. With that in mind excuse the quality of these photos. I tried my best with what I had =]

Products Used:
Sally Hansen Hard As Wraps - Sheer Pink (base coat)
Orly Devil May Care
Orly Torrid
China Glaze Party Hearty
China Glaze Jolly Holly
Orly Luxe

  • I put one coat of Torrid on every nail. 
  • On all nails besides my accent nail, I painted a coat of Devil May Care on top of Torrid.
  • For my accent nail I taped off a triangle for a Christmas tree, and then laid some striping tape over that for the stripey bits. 
  • Painted a thick coat of Jolly Holly over the top of that and then removed the tape pretty much immediately. 
  • I carefully painted a thin coat of Party Hearty over just the tree part of my accent nail.
  • I used a pencil tip to dot a little gold spot on top of the tree for a star (I shoulda used a star confetti piece now that I think of it... owell haha)
  • Waited for everything to dry a bit and then globbed on a coat of Seche Vite
Well theres my super quick Christmas mani post. I look forward to coming back and blogging, I'm finally inspired for the first time in months. For anyone who actually reads this, thanks!

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  1. Love these! Great to see you posting again :) I know what you mean about lighting and photos, it's hard to find the right place. Luckily I have a large white windowsill which seems to work for me, white box is a great idea :) xx