Monday, December 31, 2012

Resolution 2013 Nails

Its New Years Eve!! I hope you all have fun plans for tonight. I'll be going to Resolution which is pretty much a giant New Years Eve party down in Seattle with a killer EDM lineup and of course lots of dancing. I knew that I wanted to do a silver and white outfit with touches of teal, so i decided to redo my favorite manicure from the summer. 

Instead of doing the typical gradient manicure by spongeing, I prefer diluting out some of my darker color with clear nail polish, and then layering it on with more opaque versions until I am just painting the darkest color on the tips by itself.

  • So in this case I painted my nails their base color - LA Girl Sterling Silver (2 coats) and then let that dry.
  • I then took a large scoop of Seche Vite and plopped it on a piece of paper, where I mixed in a little bit of my blueish teal which is China Glaze Blue Iguana, to get a very transparent blue color. I painted that on about 3/4 of my nail starting from the bottle.
  • After that I took another scoop os Seche Vite, this time with a little more Blue Iguana, so that it was a little less transparent than the blue in my previous mixture, and painted that up my nail, but not as far as the previous step.
  • After that I continued to mix Seche Vite and Blue Iguana in more and more opaque batches, to the point where I could paint pure Blue Iguana on the tips, to achieve a smooth gradient.
  • On the tips I added some Maybelline Sea-Quins for some extra sparkle and fun.
  • Over the top of that I painted two coats of Revlon Galaxy (multi sized silver glitter) to pull the whole look together.
  • And then of course to seal everything in a coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.
Hope that all made sense! Look forward to 2012 favorites posts in the near future.



  1. These look amazing! Never thought if doing gradient nails like that before, will have to give this method a go! xx

    1. Thanks! You should, its not too hard, and I find it alot easier to do it this way than with the makeup sponge which just ends up infuriating me.